Exam Proctors


Who is qualified to be a MathOnline exam proctor?

For MathOnline students who are concurrently high school students, the Coordinating Math Teacher acts as the exam proctor for her/his students. (Exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances, with the consent of the course instructor and the MathOnline program office.)

For MathOnline students who are not concurrently high school students, there are a number of options for identifying an exam proctor. For instance, most colleges and universities have a testing center which members of the local community are allowed to use. Additionally, many local libraries offer this type of service. Various workplaces have an educational officer or Human Resources office which may be used. (In a workplace environment, it must be established that the proctor and employee are not coworkers or otherwise connected in the workplace.)

Before registering for a MathOnline course, every prospective MathOnline student must secure an exam proctor.

In ALL instances, exam proctors are required to adhere to whatever exam guidelines are set by the course instructor. Any violation of those guidelines will be dealt with according to the UCCS Academic Honor Code.